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Stockholm Tramwaylines

car 402 at Globen On these modest pages, you can read about Stockholm's four tram lines.

Route 7 is a heritage tramway, operated on a volunteer basis by the members of the Swedish Tramway Society. Djurgårdslinjen, as it is also called, runs for most of the year.
Route 12 was the only line that survived the abandonment of Stockholm's tram system in 1967. The Nockeby line still provides faithful service to the residents of Nockeby.
Route 21 (the Lidingö line) is actually a railroad, but since it's operated with trams, we've naturally included it here.
Route 22 the Cross-Connector, survived from the Dennis package of transportation improvements. It runs outside of central Stockholm, connecting several major transfer points.


The map shows the four tramwaylines in Stockholm.

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