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Route 22: Tvärbanan
Alvik - Gullmarsplan

A32 at Globen The Cross-Connector
Stockholm's new light rail line, the Cross-Connector, was originally planned as part of the new abandoned Dennis package of transportation improvements. The line was intended to improve cross-connections in the areas outside central Stockholm. Planning began in the late 1980s, and by 1991 a project group was working on preliminary studies.

The first phase
Construction of the first phase, which will be ready for opening in the summer of 2000, was started in January of 1996. This phase stretches between the existing subway stations Gullmarsplan and Alvik. The line goes from Gullmarsplan via Globen (the Stockholm Globe Arena) and the suburban area of Årsta, then through Liljeholmen/Gröndal and over the island of Stora Essingen to Alvik. It's about 10 km (6 mi) long and has 11 stations, two tunnels and six bridges. The line is in tunnel between the stations Alvik and Alvik strand, and between Årstadal and Årstaberg.

Connect major transfer stations
The Cross-Connector's route provides excellent connections for subway passengers at the major transfer stations Gullmarsplan, Liljeholmen and Alvik. There are also plans to open a regional rail station to connect to the light rail station Årstaberg.
   Future extensions under discussion include a branch connecting the Årsta area with the major regional rail station at Älvsjö, a northern extension to Solna / Universitet, and an eastern extension that would connect the Cross-Connector to the existing rail line Saltsjöbanan via Hammarby sjöstad / Sickla.

tram meeting in Årsta New trams
To operate the new line, new trams have been ordered and are being manufactured by Bombardier in Austria in cooperation with Adtranz. The trams will be stationed in the Bromma depot along with the trams used on the Nockeby line. To make this possible, a new depot has been built in Bromma, connected to the new light rail line via a tunnel from the Alvik station. The new trams are 30 m long, can carry 200 passengers each, and will make the journey from Gullmarsplan to Alvik in 18 minutes at an average speed of 35 km/h (20 mph).


map of line 22

  • Alvik (Alv) linje 12 T-bana
  • Alviks Strand (Avs)
  • Stora Essingen (SEs)
  • Gröndal (Grd)
  • Trekanten (Trk)
  • Liljeholmen (Lih) T-bana Hissbana
  • Årstadal (Ård)
  • Årstaberg (Årb) Pendeltåg
  • Årstafältet (Årf)
  • Valla torg (Vto)
  • Linde (Lde)
  • Globen T-bana (Glb)
  • Gullmarsplan (Gup) linje 4 T-bana
  • Mårtensdal (Måd)
  • Luma (Lum)
  • Sickla kaj (Sia)
  • Sickla udde (SiU)

type of service light rail
name Tvärbanan
number 22
terminals Sickla udde
length 9,2 km
stops 13
cars 12 of class A32

Text: Per Ampferer
English translation: Tim Kynerd

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